Friday, April 08, 2011

The Tea Party/Republican Party--A Sure Path to Enslavement Ala Orwell

Today the Republican Party led and intimidated by the empowered Tea Party are spinning out of control and attempting to harm everyone except their corporate money bags and the ultra rich. Many honest but ill informed Americans are swallowing the TEA PARTY/REPUBLICAN DIATRIBE TO JUSTIFY SHUTTING DOWN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT refusing to compromise on environmental and social policy issues! The Tea Party/Republican Party insists on attaching non-budgetary policy riders to the budget that have absolutely nothing to do with budgetary issues. The Tea Party?Republican Congress insists on degrading the Environmental Protection Agency's to reduce pollution and contamination, and hence causing our air, water supplies, and our foods to become more likely to make us sick. The Tea Party/Republican Party also demand that Planned Parenthood be given no funds allocated for prevention of insemination or women's health-related needs, claiming that Federal funds are being used for abortions by Planned Parenthood. The latter is a blatant lie. No Federal funds are allowed to be used for abortion by law, and the Tea Party/ Republicans lies are used to influence the susceptible, and gullible public to support their actions that are based upon deception.

The Tea Party/Republican Plan for America was engaged after the last national elections in which Tea Party/Republican Governors and state legislatures were elected in many states. Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey,and North Carolina are some states where Republican/Tea Party actions have extended beyond budgetary matters on which the were elected to social policy issues that were absent from the election campaigns. Elimination or substantial reductions of workers union rights, health benefits, retirement benefits, and subsidy's for health care for those unable to afford insurance, are all being supported by TEA PARTY/REPUBLICAN politicians who are backed by very rich individuals and supportive corporate funds that are unlimited by virtue of a recent US Supreme Court ruling.

The typical man, woman, and child in our country are under assault by the TEA PARTY/REPUBLICAN COMBINE FUNDED BY MILLIONAIRES, BILLIONAIRES, and MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS who, I believe, have one objective: TOTAL CONTROL OF THE WORLD ECONOMY. Thereby, domination is assured.

We and the rest of the WORLD will become enslaved and indentured to those who control the flow and allocation of money and the power that is thereby attained. This scenario, in my opinion, is inevitable unless the average citizen becomes aware of how they are being manipulated to become totally subservient to the Economic Power Brokers of the world. The TEA PARTY/REPUBLICAN PARTY adherents are at the forefront, being manipulate by Master Puppeteers (the ultra powerful richest individuals in the world, and the 100 largest corporations, and financial institutions listed in the Fortune 100) who manipulate the strings by feeding as much money as required to secure the bait in unwitting or willing arms of Tea Party/Republican coffers). Eventually the bait will entwine even the Republican/Tea Party advocates and members who are being lured into subservience by a continuous stream of $$$$$ from their behind-the-scenes money bags and corporations.

Their ploy will initially ensnare all who are most gullible and ill informed. Ultimately, Orwell's description of society, in his book "1984", will become entrenched reality, as tentacles of control spread before our seemingly blindfolded eyes. Unless we collectively open our eyes and fight against this rapidly engulfing reality it will hit us with a resounding thud before we know what hit us. The great majority of us will become slaves of MASTERS who Dominate and Control all human actions. Even the TEA PARTY/REPUBLICAN puppets of today will become enslaved, with the exception of the few who became the Maters' Second, Third, and Fourth Tier of controllers who enforce their Master's orders. Your acquiescence or indifference to the Tea Party/Republican Agenda will hasten this day of enslavement.

All political parties are potential players in this movement toward enslavement of society, not only the Tea Party/Republican Party who represent the present threat. When $$$$$$$$ dominate and control actions and outcomes, and most of society is gullible, we become transfixed and unknowingly programmed with subliminal messages intended to either mummify or "zombify" our responses. We become willing victims or unconscious followers. This is the prelude to total control by the Master Class who control $$$$$ and the message, and are now shaping legislation that becomes law. Eventually law becomes irrelevant and the MASTERS ARE LAW. Become aware of what is happening to you and how your blind acceptance of subliminal propaganda will eventually enslave you if you live. Action now can change the present path if you care.

Take action to prevent the spread of the Tea Party/Republican agenda as they represent the PRESENT DANGER. Be forever aware, however, that enslavement by Masters can arise form any political source or party who are dominated or controlled by $$$$$$ and corporate power. Are you prepared to open your eyes to become informed and act? If not, be prepared to become enslaved as the Orwellian script plays out for you and future generations. NOW is the TIME to act.

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